November 30, 2012

Day 79

When I was walking home one day.... I was dreaming of the great mother and of her unconditional love for every single being in this world, who is firm in consequences for behaviour that does not match her sense of morals, but never taking away the chance for improvement and development, who is always showing that despite the consequences she loves you endlessly and will always embrace you and hold you and cover you in her warm coat of love, trust and safety. ... her who would never turn away from you, no matter what you have done, who never judges and always forgives in her heart, who is not biased and does not favour, who cannot be owned by one alone but belongs to everyone. She who just ... Loves.

I believe every human on this world, no matter where, wishes for a person like her. Someone who could still accept, someone who would still dry ones tears, who would just be there to watch, to understand, to feel with them. Someone who doesn't speak at the wrong time and remains silent, someone who questions just at the right moment. I believe if she was there, all that she is would break even the toughest man and cause him to stumble. She could reach in the darkest corners of the coldest hearts of stone and manage to speak to that never dying small child in there who wishes for nothing else but the love of a mother. And she will take its hand and give it a chance, where others would not.

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